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commercial fire damage cleanup

Commercial Fire Damage

This 22,00 square foot industrial building sustained a heavy fire damage overnight and smoke billowed through the structure for hours leaving noxious and harmful smoke odors and particulates. Our team came to the call and began emergency fire damage cleanup services the same day in order to keep the building operational and safe for the tenants. In this photo our team is doing detailed wall and ceiling cleanup to ensure char and ash particulates are cleaned from all surfaces. Also, in the background, specialty equipment such as Hepa rated negative air machines and hydroxyl machines are capturing particulates and odors to cleanse and exchange the air making it safer to breathe. 

Male using equipment to cleanup water damage

Water Extraction Process

Water extraction is the process of removing all standing water and excess moisture from the property. It not only helps prevent more severe structural damage, but also speeds up the drying process and minimizes the risk of mold growth and secondary water damage. This is usually the first step on a water damage cleanup should standing water exist on floors.